26 new sports gifts that ensure fun and excitement

Are you looking for a suitable sports gift for your loved one or yourself? Here are 26 new ideas for every budget – from 3 to 3,000 euros.

Yep, it’s Christmas time. If you are still looking for something suitable for your sports-loving loved one, you will find it here.

And if all the gift giving is too commercial for you, that’s fine too. Maybe you just do something good for yourself and give yourself a gift – for example, for staying tuned. Or as a motivational kick-off for the restart.

Either way, like every year, I’ve looked around for you and put together the most interesting sports gifts. For every budget: From what-costs-the-world to under 5 euros.

Sports gifts – over 300 euros

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

1. Peloton Bike

For me, spinning courses are one of the cardio units in which you can really work off and at the same time have so much fun that time flies by. Peloton is now bringing the course experience into your home.

With a peloton spinning bike, you can take part in courses in New York or London, let the trainers cheer you on and bring the group experience into your own four walls. In addition to the live courses, there are also evergreen sessions with various trainers, some in German.

The spinning bike is in the price range for studio bikes. You can therefore test it at home for 30 days without obligation and return it if you don’t like it. You also need a membership.

Bike: 2,290 euros
Membership: 39 euros / month

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

2. Zuriga E2 espresso machine

My pre-workout booster? This has been an espresso brewed at home in a portafilter for over 10 years. For an espresso to be really good, you need good beans (I love the “Classico” from Lange Kaffee), a decent grinder (I use this Eureka) and, of course, a decent portafilter machine. This is a recommendation for the latter.

Because a good portafilter often takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter and a lot of money on the account – more than 2,000 euros are not uncommon. Anyone who, like me, has little space in the kitchen and likes simple design and functionality will delight in the Zuriga E2, which is handmade in Switzerland.

In less than 3 minutes, the shoe box-sized machine is up to operating temperature and an excellent espresso is tapped. With the materials used (chrome steel, anodized aluminum, walnut wood and hardened laboratory glass), Zuriga wants to set an example for more sustainability. I have had a Zuriga E2 for some time and don’t want to be without it.

Price: 1,540 euros

Apple Watch und andere Sport Geschenke

3. Apple Watch Series 5

What Apple has succeeded in doing with the iPhone is now also being repeated with the Apple Watch: With a market share of 46 percent, it is – by far – the most popular smartwatch.

The most spectacular innovation of the Apple Watch Series 5 is the always-on display. In addition, she now has a compass on board. From the Series 4 it takes over the compact design, the precise GPS positioning and the exact pulse measurement on the wrist. The battery can easily last a whole day, even with several hours of exercise or longer hikes.

It supports more sports with every operating system update. With my Apple Watch I track almost everything that I do in motion: my running units around the Hamburg Outer Alster, strength training, getting around by bike, hikes and when I go swimming, it recognizes my swimming style and tracks the lanes.

Incidentally, I still use the Series 4, the previous model. The differences between Series 4 and 5 are, in my opinion, not so great that an upgrade would be warranted. New buyers (or owners of older versions) should go for the 5 series.

The Apple Watch requires an iPhone and is also available as a Nike + Edition for men and women. There is also a variant with a built-in SIM card.

Sports gifts – under 300 euros

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

4. Apple AirPods Pro

The Apple AirPods Pro are the best sports headphones I’ve ever owned. They are comfortable to wear, hold bombproof even with jerky movements and are waterproof and sweat-proof, so that they can withstand a rain shower while running.

The battery lasts 4.5 hours straight and the supplied battery case charges you five times. If they are empty, you can refuel 70 minutes of playback in 5 minutes.

The sound is better than any other sports headset I’ve owned before: balanced, precise and spatial.

With the excellent noise-canceling function, you can simply switch off loud ambient noises if necessary and thus concentrate even better on your training. When noise canceling is switched off, the ambient noise is displayed as clearly as if you weren’t wearing headphones.

Note: The Airpods Pro can also be paired with Android smartphones. Switching between noise canceling and transparency mode should not be as easy as when pairing with Apple devices.

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

5. True Motion U-Tech Nevos

The sports scientist Professor Gert-Peter Brüggemann headed the Institute for Biomechanics and Orthopedics at the German Sport University Cologne for 17 years, advised Asics and Nike and worked for the International Olympic Committee. He always had the impression that there was not really any progress in the development of running shoes, and that there were no real innovations.

After he retired in 2017, he founded a three-man startup with his former student Andre Kriwet, now chief developer at Brooks, and Christian Arens, auditor at PWC: True Motion.

Prof. Brüggemann and his team have for the first time developed a running shoe whose design is based exclusively on evidence and scientific knowledge. The result is the “U-Tech Nevos”, which overturns common paradigms such as the distinction between overpronators and supinators. This lecture by Gert-Peter Brüggemann is well worth seeing.

The U-Tech Nevos is available online from True Motion and in 80 specialty running stores.

Price: 150 euros

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

6. Nike Shield Rain Jacket / Nike Essential

Here in the north, the winters are often uncomfortably wet and cold, with rain and wind at temperatures around freezing point. But there is no such thing as bad weather when running, only unsuitable clothing.

Every runner needs a jacket that protects against rain and wind. Believe it or not, my old model from Nike accompanied me for a full 18 years until it gave way a few months ago.

I like it simple and I can get by with a thin rain jacket that can be waterproof. Underneath, depending on the temperature, I wear more or less layers – according to the tried and tested onion principle.

I am currently wearing the Nike Shield, which is nice and light, long and wide, and comfortable. The “Essential” model is interesting for women.

Sports gifts – under 100 euros

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

7. Withings Sleep

Healthy sleep makes you slim and sexy. Not only does the duration play a role, but also the quality. Withings Sleep measures both and helps you to optimize your sleeping habits.

After you have placed the small mat under the mattress, it measures movement, breathing and even heart rate and resting pulse. The intuitive Withings app HealthMate evaluates the data and assigns a sleep score.

I bought the sleeping mat out of curiosity on the last Amazon Prime Day and so I have fun with it. It also helps me to monitor and optimize my sleeping habits.

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

8. Aesparel shirt

Anyone who does weight training for longer knows the problem: normal clothing sizes no longer fit. No wonder, since they are tailored to the normal population and not to athletes.

The three bosses at Aesparel, Marco, Bastian and Axel, are athletes themselves. With their brand they not only solve their own problem, but also that of many athletes who have been doing weight training for a long time: It is hardly possible to find jeans, shirts or blouses that fit well, are comfortable and are suitable for everyday or office use.

I’ve only been wearing Aesparel jeans for a few years. And recently – on given occasions – one of her shirts too. Since the sizes take into account the waist and shoulder circumference, it fits almost like a tailor-made.

Shirt: 89 euros. (With the code “ MARK ” you get a 15% discount. )
Aesparel also offers gift vouchers.

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

9. Nike FE / NOM Flyknit

For the women among us, a good sports bra is like a good training plan: if it fits and feels good, training is more fun (and better progress).

Nike uses the same Flyknit technology for this sports bra as it does for their running shoes. This makes it 30% lighter, but provides a strong hold and should give a comfortable “almost-not-not-to-be-noticed” feeling when worn

Price: 80 euros.

26 neue Sport Geschenke, die für Spaß und Begeisterung sorgen

10. Vibram Portable Performance Ice Sole

Walking on (wet) ice is at best uncomfortable, usually a hindrance and often dangerous. But as I said, there is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong equipment.

You simply strap this additional sole under your shoes and you get grip and safety again immediately. Practical: the sole can be easily folded up after use and stowed in your luggage. So you always have it ready for use on winter hikes.

11. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

This compact bluetooth speaker is a fun machine.

The Wonderboom from Ultimate Ears is waterproof, sounds 360 ° in all directions and despite its compact size ensures that you can feel the music. The bass also thuds a lot when he’s swimming in the pool. The battery lasts 13 hours.

Perfect for sound reinforcement for HomeGyms, outdoor workouts, vacations or the next party. If you want stereo sound, you can also couple two speakers.

12. Porsche Design Gym Towel

In my last job as an engineer, I was allowed to visit Porsche’s production facility in Stuttgart and attend a few seminars there. The Zuffenhausen-based company did a great job, because I’ve been a fan of the brand ever since.

Anyone who feels the same will be delighted with this chic training accessory. After all, a sporty mat can also do no harm when bench press.

Price: 77 euros

Sports gifts – under 50 euros

13. My training journal

If you want to make progress in training, you need a functioning feedback system. Kettlebell world champion Johannes Kwella has developed a training journal with great attention to detail.

Perfect for everyone who appreciates analog technology: paper is patient. And it is patience that makes training success sustainable.

The training diary is made of very high quality and provides entry options, challenges, tips and motivating thoughts for a training quarter.

14. Nike Pro tank top

I’ve been wearing this tank top as the bottom layer of every run for over 10 years. Is comfortable to wear and is also suitable as a running shirt for hot days in summer.

I own a handful of these shirts, some of them have probably already been washed several hundred times – and still hold up.

Price: 30 euros

15. Nike Get Fit Yoga Tanktop

Earlier this year, Nike released its first collection specifically for yoga. The pieces are designed in such a way that they give you as much freedom of movement as possible and at the same time sit comfortably and securely.

I own some of the men’s yoga tops – yes, they are also great for running (in summer) or strength training. Unfortunately they are mostly sold out. My recommendation is for the women’s model, which I find extremely chic. It is still available.

Price: 30 euros

16. Quest Bar Mix-Box

Some time ago Quest gave its popular protein bar an update: Since then, the protein bar, which is based largely on natural and high-quality ingredients, tastes even better.

Currently my absolute favorite for on the go. And a nice Christmas present for those with a sweet tooth who want to keep their candy consumption under control.

17. Feiyue shoes

The Feiyue shoe has been produced in Shanghai since the 1920s and has been the number 1 footwear for kung fu fighters and Shaolin monks and masters for many decades.

The shoe is ultra-light, flexible and has a thin sole so that you can feel the ground well while training. In terms of appearance, the shoe is similar to the Chuck Taylors (“Chucks”) by Converse and is therefore wonderfully suitable for proper strength training.

Since Orlando Bloom was seen with the shoe a few years ago and Feiyue was featured prominently in the music video “Pumped up Kicks”, the shoe has also become increasingly popular here in the West. With us in Germany they are still a real insider tip that also cuts a good figure outside of the fitness studio.

I’ve been wearing a pair for a few months now and I love them. I owe the recommendation to a joint workout in sunny L.A. with Marco Meyer, the master of handstand learning. Thank you, Marco!

Sports gifts – under 25 euros

18. IngenuiTEA

Not only do I love espresso, I also love all kinds of tea. I have already experimented with different varieties of tea strainers. IngenuiTEA is by far the most comfortable and fun.

The whole thing works like this: Brew the tea leaves in hot water and let the whole thing steep. Then you simply place the part on a large cup and watch how the clear brew runs automatically and without residue into your cup. Cool!

Your tea leaves have a lot of space in it to spread out and develop their aromas. The container is dishwasher safe and made of BPA-free plastic, the sieve is made of easy-to-clean metal.

I use it almost every day, mostly for fresh ginger tea.

19. Phil Knight: Shoe Dog

“Read 500 pages a day. Knowledge increases like compound interest, ”says the major investor and patron Warren Buffet. “Everyone can do it, but very few do it.”

I’m not sure I can really do 500 pages a day. But actually “read” (mostly I hear) several hours a day. “Shoe Dog” are the memoirs of Nike founder Phil Night. A compelling book about building one of the greatest sports brands ever.

Also available as an audio book (CD, Audible).

20. Judith Stoletzki: Yoga While you wait

Missed the bus, the train is coming … again not or the appointment is late? This is the perfect opportunity to do something for your mobility and at the same time to recharge your batteries.

You don’t need a studio or sportswear for this. You can always do a little yoga. How, that’s what Judith Stoletzky from Hamburg and the photographer Markus Abele present in this book.

The photos are just as wonderful as the actual message: “All you need is normal everyday life and a pinch of bad timing.”

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