The Top 20 Episodes of Fitness with M.A.R.K. from 2019

The top 20 for 2020. Thanks to a wonderful audience, fitness cracked with M.A.R.K. the 10 million downloads mark last year and with a little luck we will reach the 15 million mark in 2020.

If you have a little extra time these days – or, in line with your New Year’s resolutions – really want to get started, I’ve put together a list of the most popular podcast episodes of 2019 for you. There’s fun in there!

The determination of such lists is not entirely trivial with podcasts. Most of the topics are timeless, and older episodes are still widely listened to. The total number of downloads – this is the metric that my podcast hoster gives out – is higher the older an episode is.

We have therefore recorded the number of downloads one week after publication to determine the top 20. Not a perfect metric, admittedly. But good enough to find out which episodes went down particularly well with you and the other listeners.

Have fun with it! And a strong new year for you and your loved ones!

With heartfelt thanks and sporty greetings

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

PS Here is the list – with the most popular episode at the top.

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

Jürgen Gießing is Professor of Sports Science at the University of Koblenz-Landau. He developed High Intensity Training (HIT), a muscle building method invented by bodybuilding pioneers in the 1960s.

The promise: maximum progress in minimum time. In this episode we go – among other things – the mystery of muscle building to the (scientific) reason.

Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down gradually loses mobility. A lack of mobility leads to a lack of strength, tension and injuries.

The right training breaks the vicious circle. Here is a minimalist mobility routine that only takes 5 minutes.

If you know what metabolism means, you can make better decisions that will lead you to your goal faster.

But if you don’t know the 5 most important metabolic processes, you run the risk of nutritional errors and setbacks. You will also find it harder to read through flimsy marketing promises made by “magical” nutritional supplements.

Christian Zepp

Dr. Christian Zepp is a sports scientist, sports psychological consultant and lecturer at the German Sport University Cologne. He coaches top athletes in basketball, table tennis and soccer, Formula 1 and rally drivers, riders and police officers.

You will learn how to use the techniques of the professionals to achieve your own goals with more ease, focus and self-confidence.

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

Ulrich Oldehaver supports sports professionals, Olympic participants, but also amateurs as a mental coach and trainer. He was able to experience numerous successes in ski slalom, e.g. 5th place at the 2010 Olympic Masters Winter Games.

The mental strategies from sport also helped him to build a successful company and to bring it to the stock exchange, for which he was named “Man of the Year”.

Today the 52-year-old is concentrating on supporting his coachees not only in sport, but also in their job.

In this episode he reveals which mental techniques will help you lose weight – and help you achieve your athletic goals or build muscles.

This podcast is your “unfair” training advantage. Because the longer you stay healthy, the better you progress in training.

And since our fellow citizens catch colds three times a year and are sick for almost a month, that’s a lot of untapped potential.

Here are 3 bulletproof ways to keep you healthy – even when everyone else is sick.

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

There are topics that affect almost every one of us – but nobody talks about them. So far. We’re changing that.

The specialist in dermatology and nutritional medicine Dr. med. Yael Adler is our guest and we talk about everything else that is taboo: the smell of sweat and other body odors, sagging tissue, athlete’s foot, warts, a nasty trick for the next sauna visit and so much more.

There is something magical about morning exercise. Do you want to feel like Arya Stark or Jon Schnee all day? Then you should train in the morning.

Here’s a little-known truth: exercising right after you get up is NEVER ideal for your body.

But you can eliminate the disadvantages and use the magic of the morning for yourself. If you consider three simple strategies.

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

Lisa Hahner is German champion in marathon, 10 km team and cross-country. She holds the course record in the Luxembourg Half Marathon and took part in the Summer Olympic Games in Rio.

Lisa Hahner tells you her mental tricks, how she eats and what she pays particular attention to during training.

EMS and altitude training are often sold as the ultimate shortcut to dream figures:

  • Altitude training doesn’t just make mountaineers fit for the highest mountains in the world. It’s also sold as an anti-aging and fat-burning turbo.
  • EMS training promises accelerated muscle building in under 60 minutes per week.

Is that correct? Lars Donath from the Sport University Cologne knows the scientific background.

Katrin and Daniel run the largest German-language blog on running, fitness and vegan nutrition.

This episode is – not just for the vegans among us – like attending an exotic cooking class. No matter what lifestyle you indulge in, you will take some new ideas, suggestions and solutions with you.

Immunsystem natürlich stärken

Two people can follow the same effective training plan, the same targeted diet – and achieve completely different results.

Why is that? This week’s Fitness with M.A.R.K. all about the secret of negative beliefs – and how to get rid of unconscious sabotage programs.

Prof. Sven Voelpel researches at Jacobs University Bremen, among others about what makes people age and what keeps them young.

In his Spiegel bestseller “Decide for yourself how old you are” he names 10 factors that determine biological age. If you know them, you will be able to stop or even turn around the aging process of your body.

The 45-year-old family man and karate black belt has also found a rather unusual way of keeping fit and a very low body fat percentage in everyday life.

Look better naked? Sounds superficial at first, I know. But most of it happens under the surface.

These are the best lessons from 2018 – and how to use them to your advantage so this year is your best.

As a teenager, Nadin and her family saw a report about a triathlete. Since then she has dreamed of being there herself. But she is neither a swimmer, nor a cyclist, nor a runner. So far.

The way to her goal is completely different from what she thought. There are many setbacks, self-doubts and a severe herniated disc, which makes the big goal at the time – at least that’s what the doctors say – “impossible”.

But Nadin stays with it. Today she is not only an Ironman, but also a yoga teacher. She has learned to walk the path WITH, not AGAINST her body. In this episode, she reveals how.

Suppose you want to look good naked. Do you think you can do it – REALLY can do it?

Or do you do it again and again, and then … again nothing? As long as your mental programming is flawed, even the best nutrition and exercise plans are in vain.

Die Top 20 Episoden von Fitness mit M.A.R.K. aus 2019

This episode is about mental success programs – for a physical transformation that lasts in the long term.

In this episode everything revolves around healthy eating on the fly: business lunches, shift work, on the move in the car or time stress – you get tips and Tricks to hand, how it works.

My podcast colleague Sarah Tschernigow is also a guest, who helps people to eat healthily even when they “actually” have no time (or inclination) to do so.

Jenny and I regularly receive questions by e-mail that concern many of us. We can usually only provide individual answers in coaching. But in this Q&A episode, answer typical questions for everyone.

Jenny Zavrakis is German runner-up in the bodybuilding bikini class, mother, actress, personal trainer, nutritionist and supports those who stay tuned online in marathon fitness coaching.

Christian Bermes is a professor of mechatronics and automation, a thoroughbred athlete and a good friend. We recommend to real athletes Injizierbare Steroide. The mountaineer is a member of the “High Roleurs Society”: on his bike he conquered 10,000 meters in under 24 hours without sleep.

In 2016 his team won the gold medal in the Cybathlon – an international competition in which people with disabilities compete in an unusual way.

The worse and less you sleep, the more appetite you have during the day. Unfortunately not on broccoli, but on everything that likes to land right on your hips.

But when you sleep in, you automatically make better food choices – without following a particular diet.

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