A simple 7-step system for guaranteed muscle building and fat loss

Have you ever wondered why some people change their bodies successfully – build muscle, lose fat?

While others lose control, finally give up and get into a downward spiral?

You know what?

Sometimes I think of the past and still don’t get it right …

I don’t see how I could waste so much time NOT making any progress on building muscle and losing fat – and still spinning like a hamster wheel.

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If you also know how it feels, tell me:

  • I saw people every day who had obviously got it …
  • … before / after photos in magazines and on television
  • … people shopping … in cafes … doing sports …
  • … some of them looked so satisfied, happy and cheerful …

… and there I was – absolutely HELPLESS, what else should I do?

But whenever I thought about making a change, I would sweat. What if it were the wrong way and two months later I found out that I had unexpectedly gained fat instead of losing it?

So logically I did NOTHING.

Well, almost nothing …

While I was going home and doing nothing, I kept dreaming about what it would feel like to have my body in right .

I know. A paradoxical picture.

The bad thing is, every time that happened, I felt STILL MOST HELPS in my situation.

… if I didn’t even change something, how should I get ahead?

That, my friend, was a TERRIBLE feeling.

Therefore, if you feel the same way now, I want you to do something IMMEDIATELY.

I know that feeling overwhelmed and fearful of failure is one of the greatest obstacles to success.

Like a fence that stands between THINKING and DOING.

So today I am sharing a simple 7-step formula with you that I also use in fitness coaching.

This system ALWAYS works. By the way, not just for building muscle and losing fat.

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A 7-step system for guaranteed muscle building and fat loss

This 7-step method is simple. I’m not saying that it is a self-drive.

But it will lead you to your goal – guaranteed!

Each of the 7 elements is important. If you skip a step, systematic success just becomes … coincidence.

I am absolutely convinced that success is more than happiness. Success has a system.

When you use this system to change your body, you make it a habit. A subconscious behavior that will automatically help you to achieve your goals in other areas of life.

Here are the seven steps:

  1. Decide on your travel destination. Draw a precise picture of the goal you want to achieve.
  2. Determine your start coordinates.
  3. Plan the flight route that will bring you to your destination.
  4. Develop feedback systems with which you can continuously determine whether what you are doing brings you closer to your goal.
  5. Start . Come from planning to action.
  6. Expect turbulence. If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else.
  7. Be flexible and stay tuned – no matter what happens.

There are people who hear about these 7 elements for the first time and are surprised at how many ideas they take with them for their own muscle building and fat loss goals – and implement them immediately.

So let’s go through the individual points step by step.

1. Decide on your travel destination

Male a precise picture of the goal you want to achieve. The first and most important step towards success is that you know your goal.

It is not enough if you know: “I want to lose weight” or “I want to build muscles”. “Fitness” is a disastrous goal.

Setting and achieving goals is a science in itself:

You can decide what exactly you want,
when you want it and what it looks like when you have it.

If you subscribe to the Stay tuned newsletter, I will show you a simple formula in the first few emails on how to set goals that really inspire you. If you’re not there yet, you can stay tuned here (it’s free).

An important point that you want to understand is this: It doesn’t matter what secret tricks you learn about building muscle and losing fat.

As long as you have not clearly defined your goal, none of it will help you.

Yes, you may find yourself using a muscle building trick here and there or trying a fat loss method. But ultimately you will wander around like a homeless man. Because the direction is missing, the sense and the motivation that you develop through written goals.

2. Determine your start coordinates

It is good if you know where you want to go. But as long as you don’t know where you are now, it’s hard to work out an itinerary.

Once you’ve decided on a goal (by writing it ), this is the next step:

Determine your objective starting coordinates.

This includes, for example, your body fat percentage, weight of fat and lean mass and physique.

Once you have recorded these values, you can start planning your flight route.

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3. Plan your flight route

There is an easy way to find a suitable flight route.

Model (copy) the strategies of people
who have achieved what you want to achieve.

I’m always amazed at how many people try to reinvent the wheel. Modeling means that you not do exactly that, but instead use a proven method as a guide.

You use the knowledge of those who have walked the way before you. You learn from their mistakes – and can avoid these traps.

Look for successful role models. Do what they did. You will move forward and avoid some pitfalls that life is just too short for.

It’s a good idea to choose your role models wisely.

If you want to lose fat and stay slim, you should not orient yourself to the (large) part of the population who successfully diets, but then puts on weight again.

If, for example, sticking to it were your topic, you should look for someone as a role model who can motivate himself well. I find it fascinating how world class athletes do it. When I had the chance to ask Wladimir Klitschko how he motivates himself on a bad day, I took it.

People who embody a healthy fitness lifestyle are good examples. It can be people from your circle of acquaintances. Or book authors, trainers, athletes. Those that also embody the results that they sell.

If you are ready to invest a little more in your body, a personal coach or mentor is the best solution to find the shortest route from A to B.

Every model has its limits.

Of course it is not in everyone’s genes to become a world champion in boxing.

But just about anyone can become a very good boxer – as long as you are willing to invest the necessary sweat.

If you rely on a proven concept for muscle building and fat loss, then this will help you to realize your own potential as quickly as possible.

You can create the best version of of yourself – in the shortest possible time, without making unnecessary, time-consuming mistakes.

You are unique.

That’s why you can also get involved in experiments, consciously taking detours into account. No matter how perfect the concept you are following.

For me they are Learning diversions . What other people call “regression” is often the only possible way to find the optimal diet or exercise for you.

But despite all the uniqueness, there is a common denominator.

There are things that all people do when they are strong, lean and fit.

A three-star chef cannot prepare his award-winning dishes just once. He does this as often as he wants because he knows the recipe. He knows which ingredients are needed, how and in what order to combine them to produce a result that enchants people.

4. Develop feedback systems

You have planned your flight route?


Now you need suitable feedback systems that will later tell you whether your plan is working as you hope it will.

You may develop the ability to perceive how your body is changing – through seeing, hearing and feeling.

You develop an awareness of your body.

It’s okay if you make mistakes while doing it – as long as you do something every day that you think will bring you closer to your goal. And as long as you track your progress to get feedback.

Mistakes are one of the best ways to learn.

The only people who don’t make mistakes are those who stay in their comfort zone, always play it safe and never try anything new.

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It only becomes unnecessary if you keep making the same mistake. There are people who make the same diet and exercise mistakes for years and wonder why they are not making any progress.

Those who stay at it are smarter. Those staying at it use the right feedback to move forward.

You can find out more about suitable feedback systems here:

This feeling and awareness of your own body is an art. It takes time to develop this skill. But the good news is: Anyone can learn.

It helps if you know what to look out for. Then you can only DO it.

The bottom line is that you learn how your body reacts – and then make adjustments.

The idea is that you become your own expert.

As a fitness coach, I can always accompany and support you. But nobody knows your body as well as you do – not even me.

If you’ve found a way that works, stick to this course.

Then it doesn’t matter what other people tell you.

5. Start

You can have grandiose goals that inspire you. And you can have worked out the perfect plan with a fitness coach that is guaranteed to lead you to your goal.

If you DO nothing for your goal,
you will not get a millimeter forward.

A goal that is not followed by action is worthless. It remains an unreal dream. A feeling of helplessness.

In good German: Turn off the computer, put away your cell phone or iPad and take your bum to the gym!

Work for it. Invest. Accelerate. Earn your body in the right . Start. Dream bodies do not arise by chance and they also do not arise from doing nothing.

You can do something every day to get a little closer to your goal – even if it’s just a tiny step.

6. Expect turbulence

As soon as you realize that you are not getting any closer to your goal, you can change something:

If what you’re doing isn’t working, do something else.

Don’t let that confuse you. Always remember: If you don’t make the progress you hoped for right away, it’s not a failure.

You have succeeded in producing a result for something you tried.

You would only have failed if you had given up.

Use the feedback to learn from it. There are always alternatives.

You can read up on some of these possibilities in the articles on proper nutrition, muscle building and fat loss, others can be developed in 1: 1 fitness coaching.

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7. Be flexible and stay tuned

This is important.

You can decide to make adjustments again and again, to try new things, to leave your comfort zone – as often as necessary – until you have reached your goal.

Are you ready to try as many things as necessary to look good naked?

Now the circle comes full circle to step 1 – your goal.

Who do you want to look good naked for? To show the others in the gym? For your better half? Or just to be attractive to others?

My thesis: If you want to change your body for anyone than yourself , you will probably fail.

If you haven’t made the progress you hoped for in the past, ask yourself:

“How much do you really want it? Are you giving your goal the priority it needs to be? ”

Did you give up too early, maybe already when you got into the first turbulence? How many ways to exercise or to eat have you really tried?

In reality there are almost endless possibilities.

Stay flexible – in the things that you try and in your views.

Of course, a flight plan is important when you take off. But the more options you have on the road, the more flexibly you can react to the unforeseen and the greater your chances of success.

So it’s a good idea to leave room for improvisation …


This 7-step system gives you structure and control over your success. It helped me to overcome my feeling of helplessness and to try new things.

Like this nutrition program from a coach friend that I tested a few years ago:

  • My goal (step 1): I lower my body fat percentage by 2% within a month without losing any muscles. I imagine how I will look in 4 weeks, how it will feel and determine my…
  • Start coordinates (step 2) : Weight, body fat percentage, physique and an estimated requirement of 2,800-3,000 calories per day.
  • I take over the flight plan (step 3) , after all I’m a tester: My colleague’s nutrition program included nutrition plans for different calorie requirements in the range of 1,500-2,500 calories a day. I orientate myself on the 2,500 kcal program.
  • Feedback systems (step 4) : I rely on my body feeling on the one hand (e.g. hunger and satiety, motivation and mood), track nutrition, training progress and measure my physique once a week.
  • I’m starting (step 5) . After just two days, my body feeling gives me unusual feedback.
  • turbulence (step 6). I am not full. Slight hunger can occur at times in the first few days, this is normal. But I get really hungry and lose my vigor – that is an important sign to change something. I test how much I would have to eat to be full: there are 3,300 calories. “Okay, something’s wrong”, I think.
  • Flexibility (step 7) : I decide to install another feedback system first, and then change my plan: With the help of a SenseWear bracelet, I first determine my exact calorie requirement. 1
    Although I suspected it, the result surprised me: My need averages 4,000 calories a day – no wonder I developed such cravings. So I increase the portions so that I have an average of 3,500 calories a day.

Ein simples 7-Schritt-System für garantierten Muskelaufbau und Fettabbau
Tip for technology fans: Many devices, from cardio machines to activity trackers, provide a calorie consumption value. But they are far too imprecise to count on.

The only reliable calorie expenditure tracker I know is a BodyMedia SenseWear bracelet. Unfortunately, the company was bought up by a competitor and production stopped.

I’ve been using an Apple Watch since 2015 (currently Series 4). The values ​​are okay and help me keep a rough overview of my daily calorie consumption.

Now it’s going like clockwork. I’m back on track, I feel excellent, and I’m making progress. I even reach my destination on time.

Every flight is different, this one was unusually calm after the initial strong turbulence.

But even if more air holes had appeared continuously, I could have made progress with this 7-step formula until I had achieved my goal. This would probably have delayed my arrival.

If your goal really inspires you, then it is less important when
but rather that you arrive.

Okay, let’s get started today! We are not abandoners , we are sticking to it .

In the comments section below, write what your number one goal is for this year and what you are doing next NOW to reach your goal.

For example, “In 12 weeks I want to look good on the beach. Although I had defined measurable goals, I still don’t have a clear picture of my summer figure. I’ll work on that. I use the Google image search for inspiration. ”

Or “In the last few weeks I’ve let things slip a bit because I’ve had a lot on my job. I use this situation as feedback to get going again. The 2 days I’m on a business trip next week would be a good excuse. But now I plan in advance. I will think carefully about how I can continue to make progress despite the trip. ”

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