20 proofs that you can do it (even if it doesn’t seem like you)

Fancy less body fat, more muscles or more definition? Not sure if you have what it takes? Here are 20 strong thoughts for those who really stick with it.

If you think there is still something going on in terms of results – welcome on board.

In my newsletter I share tips on how to stay tuned. Many readers take the time to answer me. I read every message and it flows into my work – even if I cannot always reply.

Here are 20 strong thoughts on it. 20 positive affirmations if you will. For those of us who can do it – even if we may not have known it before.

1. Fitness is no accident

Fortunately, we’re not as far as we were in the Pixar film Wall-E. There progress has literally weaned people from their fitness.

Our grandparents’ generation (and all generations before them) were condemned to hard physical labor. Fortunately, many things are easier today. But fitness is no longer a coincidence.

Your fitness stands and falls with your habits. With the right habits, you can almost automatically stay slim and fit.

By taking responsibility for your fitness and your habits, you take your place at the wheel of your transformation – and stay tuned.

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2. You take control

Some people see their fitness and figure as the result of external circumstances that are beyond their control.

Stay tuned to take control. You see yourself as the creator of your future self. They know that every great change is based on many small successes.

3. You are free to find your way

Staying on it makes the view far. They know that among the many possible ways to get there is at least one that feels right.

Many diets create feelings of deficiency in eating. That’s why they don’t work, at least not in the long term.

Proper nutrition also means feeling free – and focusing on the many ways you can eat your fill and make progress at the same time.

4. You are your own yardstick

Those who only orientate themselves on the confirmation of other people will probably never reach their goal.

Those who stay tuned follow their hearts. You are your own yardstick. If they compare, then with yesterday’s self.

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5. Your goals shape your reality

Your thoughts create your reality. Most people live far below their potential because negative beliefs prevent them from using it.

Those who stay at it know intuitively or consciously how powerful clear goals and a strong will are. Your thoughts shape your body.

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6. By surrounding yourself with the right people, you double your progress

The people you surround yourself with – whether at work, with friends, on the Internet, books or podcasts, have a significant impact on your fitness.

The change happens on different levels: It affects your identity, beliefs, habits, diet and ultimately your training.

You double and triple your successes when you surround yourself more and more with people who give you tailwind.

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7. Strong thoughts give you strength and drive

What you direct your attention to grows.

Anyone who starts a day with a negative feeling (“Today is not my day!”) unconsciously searches for things that confirm this – and reaps the corresponding results.

Conversely, a positive outlook gives you emotional tailwind – and more energy to put your wishes into practice. Something like that can also be ritualized.

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8. You are individual and yet connected

Most people see themselves only as individuals – separate from everything that exists around them. Those who stay tuned see themselves as an individual who is connected to everything.

If the difference is not immediately clear to you, it doesn’t matter. Well worth thinking about.

9. You can use a “negative” experience to your advantage

If you fail at planning, you plan to fail, they say. Planning helps, a lot. And when a plan gets to know reality, adjustments are often necessary.

A plan that dissolves into pleasure is a gift. You unwrap it by asking yourself, “What can I learn from it?”

This question changed my life. You can use every “stupid” situation for yourself – by observing, learning, sharpening your attitude.

10. Those who stick with it will be rewarded

In many areas of life it is normal to satisfy one’s own needs immediately. In the past we had to grow our own food, now there are supermarkets.

Fitness works the other way round. You can harvest the big fruits much later if you sow something every day.

11. You are not your past

Some people are trapped in their past. They believe their previous weight and physical experience will determine their future.

Those who stay tuned get rid of the parts of their past that don’t help them. They know that they can ONLY shape their future TODAY.

12. There are forces and energies that help you (if you let them)

We pride ourselves on the achievements of our enlightened society, which is about scientific facts and objectivity. It is easy to become numb to your feelings as a result.

There are cultures in which emotional training is a tradition. In China one speaks of the flow of life energy (Chi). You can learn to perceive and work with this form of energy. It takes training, but it’s worth it.

13. Failures are good

Those who stay tuned do not identify with their so-called failures.

They know that progress is only possible via such learning detours and see their results as valuable feedback.

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14. Don’t take it personally

Taking external circumstances in life personally leads to emotional slavery.

If you eat healthily, exercise regularly and drink little or no alcohol, you will attract attention. There are people who would criticize, ridicule or even reject you for it.

Don’t take it personally. They are mostly concerned with themselves, not you.

15. Bad experiences pass

We all have experiences that are not funny. They are part of life. But we can leave them behind, that’s the good news.

It helps if you zoom out in such situations and see the big picture, not the individual moment.

16. You can get (even) better

Those who stay tuned do not see their life static, but dynamic. There is always room to improve something – even if you are already good at it.

This is especially true for skills that you have already learned.

17. You enlarge your comfort zone

You can steadily increase your comfort zone if you let yourself into new experiences.

Your comfort zone is a state of mind that, from a life-affirming perspective, grows, not shrinks.

18. It’s not (just) about looking good naked

Being slim and strong feels good. “Isn’t that superficial?” I am sometimes asked.

I don’t think so. After all, there is much more to it.

We are the ones who want to feel fit and healthy. Who respect and care for their bodies. Because it’s the only vehicle we own.

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19. You can forgive

Those who stay at it don’t slow themselves down with anger, resentment, envy, bitterness or resignation. You forgive – including yourself.

You can throw off the emotional baggage of past disappointments. In this way you save a lot of wasted energy that you can use to get closer to your goals.

20. You have everything you need

You already have all the resources you need for your goal within you.

Perhaps the most important finding is that lifelong fitness is not the result of certain diets or exercise. It is the result of self-knowledge.

You have everything you need to be slim, strong and fit on your own.


Sticking to it – and this is perhaps the most important point of this article – is less about the things that you do or don’t do.

Sticking to it is a way of life.

Believe it or not, it’s not primarily about looks. The way you think makes you stay tuned.

Looking good naked is – if you want – one of the many positive results that happen.

Your beliefs and your identity form the basis for this.

Both are things that you can actively shape and that you may have read and heard about here in the newsletter, in the articles and in the podcast.

You can use the term “looking good naked” to take the term wider. Because the transformation of your body is a journey on which you usually take a lot more with you than a purely physical change.

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