“My support team are Captain America’ and ‘Black Panther’ “

At 39 I weighed more than 100 kg. I can’t tell you exactly how much, only that it was three digits. At a certain point, I preferred to ignore the scales.

In retrospect, I had given up on myself in this sense. I lived my life only “in front of me”. At least that’s what it feels like when I think of back then.

One day, colleagues convinced me to run an unimaginably long three-kilometer lap with them.

After not even 500 Meters I had to stop and take a breath for the first time. But I didn’t want to give up so quickly anymore. Not this time. So I kept running.

For my 40th birthday, I wanted a sports watch. On the one hand, it should record everything – I like numbers and tables. On the other hand, the recording was also a motivation, because I saw in black and white how I covered more and more kilometers and became faster.

There were several good podcasts, blogs and books from which I knew about my own created a new hobby. Also “Fitness with M.A.R.K. ”Has accompanied me on this path and supported me with a lot of specialist knowledge.

Since I do not know my initial weight, I cannot say exactly how much I have lost, but it is more than 15 kg.

At some point I came to a plateau when losing weight, around 82 kg. I failed to break that mark and that frustrated me.

On the other hand, giving up wasn’t an option for me either. At the age of 42 I set myself a different goal last year: an obstacle course. So I signed up for the “Black Bird Run”.

“Dirt and mud without my mom scolding, that’s exactly my thing,” I thought, “and with the ugliest shirt I can find in the closet.”

And now I come to my hang-on moment of the year.

As usual with such obstacle courses, you will always find people there who push you and pull you along. My support team were “Captain America” and “Black Panther” – two athletes who wore these superhero outfits.

The two of them took me on to their “Avenger Team” and motivated me again and again to go ahead and do the thing.

I had learned to bite my way through sport, but this competition taught me that my limits existed only in my head and that I am capable of more. Together with the two of them, I crossed the finish line in a really good time.

I haven’t reached my desired weight yet, but now I know that I can overcome existing “limits”.

Mark would probably say that I have rewritten my “invisible scripts”.

I mostly do weight training at home because I never really made friends with the gyms in my area. But at HomeGym I now have a whole range of different weights and training equipment.

However, “Captain America” ​​told me about a studio near me that offers CrossFit-like training – a mix of coordination, Dumbbell, endurance, tempo and bodyweight training.

2020 СПОРТЗАЛЫ фото дизайн тренажерного зала в доме, Москва, Дизайн-студия «Instatus»

I found that interesting back then and registered there a good two months ago. That’s exactly my thing, because there is a great team feeling with both the coaches and the other participants. We motivate each other, it is a familiar, friendly atmosphere. Just awesome!

Today I did my first pull-up with the overhand grip. I am super excited! And it won’t just stay with one person, that’s for sure.

By the way, this year I’m back at the start of the “Black Bird Run”. I’m looking forward to it. Most of all, I know that the number on the scales is just a number.

What really matters is that staying tuned is fun.

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