When would be the right time to give up?

Never give up? I often talk about setting goals and sticking to it is not in the title by chance.

Today I would like to speak openly with you about the other side: failure and giving up.

When is it OK to give up? When would it be the RIGHT decision to stop?


Even if many see me as the perfect role model who achieves my goals – I am only human.

In fact, I fell on my nose quite a few times:

  • In Men’s Health I talk about how I once managed to bring my testosterone levels down to the level of a 100 year old. Afterwards I gave up some things I had come to love, for example running a marathon.
  • In an interview for the “Trackback” program on Radio Fritz, I tell you how I worked on a career as an engineer in aviation for over 10 years, how I gave up this job – to get my passion as a fitness coach to make a profession.
  • Since I was 18 I have tried countless exercise and nutrition programs and gave up again because I was not happy with them. For example the anabolika online bestellen or the HIT muscle building principle.

Talk to people who have succeeded in their field and ask them what made them fail.

And then notice how her eyes start to glow.

If you want to succeed, you need to fail. But very few people talk about such things.

It’s paradoxical …

By taking risks and falling, you determine what WORKS and sort out what does NOT work.

This is how you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Of course it’s easy to say: “Come on, just try it! It’s OK to fail. ” I’m not saying that.

What I mean is that there WILL be failure. We don’t need to avoid them – instead, we can count on them, plan for them and … grow with them.

Until one day you are a MASTER at dealing with failure.

I call this technique “expecting failure” .

You might think I’m crazy, but I track my failures. When we talk about fitness, you can find it in my food diary, in the training diary or in the Excel table in which I track my physique.

In other areas of life – for example in business – I even go so far as to set myself GOALS: If I don’t make at least 5 missteps a month, I know that I haven’t risked enough.

I know it can be uncomfortable. But how does the saying go? Magic only happens when we leave our comfort zone.

Climbing : For me a sure way out of the comfort zone

What if you had a magical cloak that protects you from failure? A cape that, as long as you wear it, takes away all fears of failure. What would you do in the next 24 hours to change your body?

Some would have an awkward conversation. Others in company do not order what is particularly popular, but what YOU want. Some would suddenly find the way to the gym easy.

What would you do if missteps were impossible? Tell me in the comments.Wann wäre der richtige Zeitpunkt um aufzugeben?

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