What we give to ourselves while we shop for our loved ones

When was the last time you gave yourself a present? Here are our 9 best ideas for sports gifts (in the broadest sense) that you can make yourself happy with.

We love them – the moments when everyone is sitting together, the candles, the contemplation and yes, the presents.

As every year since 2012, there is also a traditional gift idea item – you probably already know it. In contrast to the one-man show that I started back then, we’ve grown together into a small but strong team over the past few years.

So I just asked everyone: What is on your wish list this year? What are you gifting yourself with? And why?

What would we give each other? Here are the answers … from your MarathonFitness team. (I’ll get started …)

presents for me ” – our 9 best ideas for 2020


In the morning I measure my heart rate variability with a chest strap and app. For me it’s like brushing my teeth: It’s annoying, but the advantages outweigh the rest.

Geschenke für mich - Whoop

Para-sprint world champion Günther Matzinger recently recommended the whoop strap to me. Because he does the whole thing – whoop, whoop! – automatically while you sleep.

I was immediately enthusiastic. And because the holidays are just around the corner, I ordered the part. Hopefully Santa Claus will deliver on time …


As far as my fitness equipment is concerned, I’m really happy right now.

The last thing I did for a more targeted fascia and pressure point massage was Triggerdinger – the Classic Edition and the socks. They are great, also as a present for others!

I have made a fitness advent calendar for my girls: Every morning a new exercise is added and in between there are healthy snacks, relaxation bath salts and other nice things to motivate.

Otherwise, a little DRNBLBR of tomorrow is growing in my stomach and turning my training program upside down. For me this is the best present!


I wish (and give) myself more exercise so that I can keep up with my children for the next few years.

At the top of my wish list is the Garmin Venu. The many fitness functions motivate me to stay tuned, the brilliant display gives me an overview and the battery lasts for a whole working week.


My number one is the Bose Quiet Comfort 35 noise-canceling headset.Reduces background noise by 100%, increases my strength by 100%. Because I can fully focus on training. All I can still hear is my music. And it pushes me.


I am always motivated by new training clothes. Good clothing also cuts a fine figure when doing sports.geschenke für mich

These seamless leggings should be. It gives me power for strength training and fire for cardio training.

That my old shaker has blessed the time is probably a signal from the universe: I’m treating myself to one of these unbreakable blender bottles made of Tritan.


No matter how much I love my job: I sit a lot. Too much. To change that, I treated myself to an activity tracker. My goal is 10,000 steps a day.

The fun is inevitable, firstly because of the gamification approach and secondly because technology simply fascinates me.


I recently moved into a beautiful new house with my wife and children.

Unfortunately, the pull-up bars from our old home no longer fit into our new door frames.

I’m treating myself to a new pull-up bar, for ceiling mounting! Then the training continues.


For a healthy lunch I bought (and learned to love) this lunch pot, which also makes a good gift.

It is a real space saver and can withstand the microwave, dishwasher and freezer compartment. I like the many beautiful colors.

Bonus tip from Sandra: Last but not least, this one-liter drinking bottle. This guarantees adequate hydration!

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