11 weight loss foods that will keep you full and satisfied

These 11 foods for weight loss are more effective than any fat burner. They are my personal fat loss favorites. And maybe there are some good ideas for you.

It’s always a thing with list items. On the one hand, they are easy to nibble (attention, pun!), On the other hand, they often appear sterile

So … let’s just assume the following …

Assuming you are only allowed to buy 11 different foods for weight loss – which ones do you choose and why?

This article is my answer to that.

1. Turkey breast

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

Turkey breast is hard to beat as a source of protein because you can use it so flexibly.

What about steak? Fine too, I love it.

And turkey breast, as a food for weight loss, is still a wing beat ahead – skinless, of course. Here’s why:

Turkey breast has an EQ of 23, steak “only” 17.

By the way, EQ stands for protein quotient. It states how many grams of protein a food contains per 100 kcal. (You can find all information and a huge selection of alternatives in this protein-containing food list.)

Back to the turkey breast steak comparison …

  • 150 grams of protein from turkey breast provide around 650 calories.
  • 150 grams of protein from steak provide around 900 calories.

This is not a fundamental argument AGAINST Steak, I know.

Turkey breast just makes it a little easier for you to reach a calorie deficit AND eat enough protein.

If possible, I buy organic turkey breast. It also makes a difference in taste.

2. Eggs

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

Eggs are a cheap source of protein that you can use variably.

I usually have half a dozen to a dozen eggs in the fridge.

What works really fast and always is Huevos Rancheros . Everyone can do it in no time:

  • Take 4-5 eggs,
  • Leftover food from the day before (it fits almost anything),
  • Salsa on top. (I like this “hot” salsa from Fuego, although I don’t find it really hot.)

You heat some butter in a large pan (medium heat). Now you add the leftover food and eggs and briefly bring everything to a boil.

Serve on a plate and pour salsa over it – finito.

Note: I know these are not the REAL Mexican Huevos Rancheros . But this is how my weird egg-leftover salsa combo sounds MUCH more Paul Bocuse than it is.

3. Potatoes

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

The low- and no-carb people are no potato fans.


Potatoes are one of the most filling foods in terms of calorie content. That makes them rock stars among weight loss foods.

My favorite are baked potatoes. Or from the grill.

No potatoes are, I find no solution anyway. Especially not if you train intensively.

4. Coconut oil / butter

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

Yes, I know, I mentioned two foods here at once.

Both work equally well for cooking and frying. I COULD get along with either of these if I had to.

The most important thing to keep in mind about fats is:

Processed foods have an unnaturally high omega-6 content.

Omega-6 fats are not unhealthy in their own right.

The problem is that we ingest well 10 to 20 times the natural amount from factory food. And most vegetable oils suitable for cooking add to the problem.

Use pasture butter or coconut oil instead.

Pasture butter (my favorite is Kerrygold) because the milk from grass-fed cattle contains the healthy CLA fats. The coconut oil should be cold-pressed (I use this one).

Note: Another healthy alternative that I like to use is macadamia nut oil. Also heat-resistant and quite tasty.

5. Chilled shelf vegetable mixes

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

Why do I prefer frozen food? For two reasons:

You save time because you don’t have to wash, clean or cut anything.

I also have to keep throwing away things that I didn’t eat in time.

Sometimes it seems to me as if the fresh vegetables are trying to put me under pressure: “Cook us, eat us – otherwise we will die!”

I’ll tell you, fresh vegetable bullying is real. But things look different when frozen.

I don’t waste anything with frozen food.

I just take the amount I need. The rest goes back into the freezer.

Note: I also celebrate salad. But I didn’t want to put two things under one heading again. If I want it to be quick, I use pre-cut salad from the bag. Put it in a large salad bowl, done.

6. Quinoa

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

The pronunciation of this word irritates me.

Dear Conference of Ministers of Education, maybe you will just change it to KINOA with the next spelling reform.

I am convinced that this is already correct today in a parallel universe. I come from this universe and now I am here …

Why quinoa?

I love rice dishes.

I can easily eat 2,000 calories a day as cooked rice. Not a thing!

Quinoa? I like it just as much, but I just eat less of it until my body signals: “Enough!” Quinoa also contains more nutrients per calorie than white rice.

If rice were lower in calories, I would eat it every day. Maybe rice in the KINOA universe IS low in calories.

7. Low-fat quark

Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen

I love desserts, and low-fat curd has a lot of protein per calorie.

Sometimes I vary with Skyr or layered cheese.

Sweetness comes in a calorie-free form with Xucker Light. In addition, a little cinnamon and mineral water to mix, almost perfect.

The only thing missing is some fruit on top …

8. Blueberries / strawberries / apples

11 Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen, die satt und zufrieden machen

Berries are the perfect fruit for weight loss. They are sweet, tasty and almost as low in calories as vegetables.

That’s why you can almost always find frozen blueberries, strawberries and / or raspberries in my freezer.

And apples? Are not only great in the quark, but also on the go.

I’m quite a gourmet when it comes to apples.

There is nothing better than Elstar apples.

When someone tells me Braeburns are best, I know I’m talking to an amateur.

If Braeburn is the VW Golf among the apples, Elstar is the Bugatti .

Apples are a great weight loss food. An apple is already filling you up well, with almost 100 calories.

9. Cottage cheese

11 Lebensmittel zum Abnehmen, die satt und zufrieden machen

Cottage cheese is also a pretty good low-calorie source of protein.

Here, too, I mainly rely on the organic version. Because it contains the healthier fats.

Your body digests cottage cheese very slowly, so it is very filling.

An Elstar apple with 200-300 g organic cottage cheese is a perfect small and quick meal that will keep you full for a long time.

Professional tip: A little Ceylon cinnamon on top, mmmhhh….!

10. Popcorn


I loved popcorn as a kid. I rediscovered it a few years ago.

Popcorn is one of the healthy sweets.

In principle, it’s just “just” popped corn. Popcorn is one of the cellular carbohydrates.

A handful of unpopped popcorn contains just 200 calories.

But when popped you fill a whole bowl with it.

Depending on whether you prefer it salty or sweet, you can then season it calorie-free.

For sweetness, I’ll use Xucker Light. If you prefer something hearty, you can use salt and pepper (everyone has that at home) or experiment with other spices.

11. Psyllium husks


Psyllium husks come in handy when you want to lose weight.

They literally explode in the stomach and give you the feeling that you have eaten enough for a long time.

They are also good for digestion. They support the intestinal flora and ensure the colonization of good bacteria.

I usually add some psyllium husks to my protein shake or quark.

The emphasis is on SOMETHING …

Psyllium husks have their own grainy taste. The dose is ideal if that doesn’t work. (Those here taste comparatively neutral.)

Tip: The ultimate healthy food list

If you already own Looking Good Naked, take a look at the free online toolbox for the book.

There you will find a selection of hundreds of foods that provide you with vital nutrients and help you achieve your goals. Including a multitude of healthy satiety and slimming products.

Closing words

You may have noticed that I didn’t mention any condiments at all. There is a simple reason for this …

In this universe, spices just appear in my closet.

I swear I never buy salt, pepper, Garam Marsala, or chilli flakes. But there is always something there.

I just manifest salsa, spicy ajvar, sugar-coated ketchup, balsamic vinegar and olive oil somehow.

That stuff just appears in my life.

Maybe a message from the KINOA universe …

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